Beth Chaim 5th graders will be participating in the Havayah Initiative.  This is a new program from the Jewish Learning Venture.   

Havayah - experience

Kedushah - holy or sacred

This is a multi-sensory learning experience for the  students to create something sacred in their lives. There will be three sessions which will bring together 5th grade students from several Philadelphia area schools.  The program provides  Mifgashim (gatherings), time for community and sharing.

The program takes place at Gratz College,  Mandell Campus. Transportation is provided through the program.

The dates:

September 17, 2017

December 10, 2017

March 11, 2018


" As a Jewish person, I am capable of creating and contributing to the holiness in all aspects of my world.
As a Jewish person, I can find holiness in the places, times and experiences in my life.
 The ways in which I find or create holiness in the world may change as I grow Jewishly."