We are very excited to offer our community a valuable self-service online tool called Chaverweb. We encourage everyone to give it a try.  It is quick, easy and user friendly.  You can use it to:

1.       Renew your membership

2.       enroll your children in religious school

3.       Make a donation or Tribute

4.       Check your account status and make a payment online

5.       There is even an online directory that can be searched by name, zip code or a number of other criteria – and it is constantly updated as members update their contact information

If you need a temporary password please feel free to reach out to Robin Resnick our Executive Administrator at 610.640.2147 or administrator@bethchaim.net

Just use the link called Chaverweb to go directly to the Chaverweb login page or, use the link called Chaverweb Tutorial to access our 20 minute video tutorial that provides information about the various features of this online service.

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes you make may appear immediately within your own account. However, before any public information becomes visible to the rest of the congregation, or any payments are finalized, the administrator must review and approve all changes our members make. That "synchronization" process will take place on the next business day.  Therefore any changes you make on the weekend or on a holiday may not be posted or made visible to the rest of the congregation until sometime on Monday or the next business day following a holiday.