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Being Mortal

Jewish Perspectives on Being Mortal

Rabbi Pearlman

Atul Gawunde’s Being Mortal is an important book which focuses on the process of aging which concerns us all. It touched me deeply, and I have chosen to make it the centerpiece of my edu-cational offering for this winter. Our class will have the text of Gawunde’s book at its core, and will offer classical and modern Jewish texts that will allow us to reflect on the deep questions this book raises. I encourage you to read the book, but no prior back-ground or reading is required to join our class. The class will run on Thursdays at 12:00pm beginning January 14th (with a film the week of Jan 28).  Each class will stand alone, so feel free to drop in at any time. If there is interest in another time for the class (I understand that not everyone is free during the work day), I will consider some other alternatives.  Please let me know if this topic is of in-terest and if you might consider assembling a group to meet at a different time. I would even consider offering this class as a circle in someone’s home (or even as a teleconference or webinar) as long as the ‘host’ was committed to helping assemble at least 5 other people to participate.  I look forward to sharing this wonderful book and the provocative questions it raises with all of you.