The welcoming of our new Rabbi, Michelle Pealrman, has been covered recently by some local news sources.  Thanks to the help of our PR volunteers, Ronna Dewey and Linda Harris, the following articles have announced our exciting news!  Click here to view the article ->  08/03/2014 Jewish Exponent Article.

We are pleased to announce the creation of a brand new Facebook page. Please LIKE and SHARE the new page – BETH CHAIM REFORM CONGREGATION, MALVERN PA – with your friends, family, neighbors and potential new members. This new page will be used frequently to share Beth Chaim news, notes from Rabbi Pearlman, temple happenings, calendar updates, Religious School activities, community activities and so much more.

Why the change?  For years on Facebook, people were creating groups. Beth Chaim's old page is a group. Unfortunately, the group page has limited functionality. It is more closed to the general public. You cannot have more than one administrator or official person who can post. This will allow us to be much more collaborative and have a more vibrant page. Also, social media marketing experts advise converting groups into pages that can be 'liked' by the general public because increasingly, people are using Facebook to interact with organizations that they support.

We chose to create a non-profit 'page' to be the public face of Beth Chaim in the same way that any great website is the public face of an organization. With this change, we are just updating our Facebook presence for maximum functionality. We want people to get to know our congregation and the amazing warmth that is Beth Chaim. Migrating the content from the group to the new page will help us increase our reach.

This is an open group; anyone with a Facebook account can join. We would prefer not to filter the page, but rest assured it will be monitored. We remind all members who are posting on the page to be mindful that your words, photos and commentary are a representation of our Beth Chaim family.

In addition, we will close and delete the Beth Chaim Reform Facebook “group” on September 1st. Hopefully this will allow all members ample time to make the switch.

Not sure which Facebook page to LIKE? The new page is called “BETH CHAIM REFORM CONGREGATION, MALVERN PA”. The cover page is a photo of the sanctuary.


Beth Chaim is pleased to participate in the Amazon Associates Program, which enables members and guests to participate in fundraising for the temple at no cost. If you click the link on our home page (or on the Support Us page) to reach to do your on-line shopping, a percentage of all sales will be returned to Beth Chaim.  Please share our link with your friends and family!  All purchases are secure and confidential.  

06/07/2015 - 9:45am

Are you interested in helping shape the future of Beth Chaim? We want your input!

Join us for a fun, interactive, exciting experience as we share ideas and work together to create our vision for the future.  Led by Joanne Borin, a career strategist who facilitated hundreds of successful plans for school boards, religious institutions and other organizations, we will meet in our synagogue on Sunday, June 7th from 9:45am to 2:45 pm to discuss our vision, beliefs and goals.

If you care about Beth Chaim, we want you to be part of this wonderful event.  We are limited to only 45 participants, so please RSVP as soon as you can so you can ensure that your voice is heard.