Torah and Justice, August 21, 2015

The experience of carrying the Torah in America's Journey for Justice this past week was transformative. Above I include a picture of Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath, a leader of our Reform movement alongside Dr. King. Last Sunday, I walked in his footsteps carrying a scroll rolled to this week's parasha. It teaches tzedek tzedek tirdof, justice, justice you shall pursue. 


Why does the Torah repeat the word justice? Isn't that redundant? Our rabbis teach that we can only pursue justice with justice. I was moved to march with activists in peaceful protest. We marched for the children of color do without equal access to quality education, against the erosion of minority voting rights, and to affirm that all lives matter. 

Perhaps another reason "justice" repeats is because we pursue justice not only for our own people, but for all people.  The call went out for rabbis to join, and I am proud to report that over 200 Reform Rabbis dropped everything, to support this interfaith effort. We march in tribute not only to our tradition but also to our movement which constantly calls us to action.

My feet hurt now, in sympathy with those who began walking on August 1 and will walk for the full 860 miles from Selma to Washington DC. Though I am home, I do not want to rest. Thank you to all who have sent notes of encouragement and support for this effort. I am honored and look forward to marching with you as we partner to pursue justice.