What Will Future Generations Uncover and See? -from guest blogger Victoria Robinson

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh,  Adonai Tzvaot .... (Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts -Isaiah 6:3)

  • We are peeling back layers of time, history, peoplehood: traveling from modern day Tel Aviv, center of commerce, entertainment, diversity, all the way up to Lake Kinneret, better known to all as the Sea of Galilee. Like archeologists we uncover monuments and museums that bring our predecessors to life. Mayor Meir Dizengoff on his mare, Yitzchak Rabin, and the pioneers of early Israel.  They are not burried under layers of concrete, glass, WIFI, and automobile exhaust.  They began the processes that brought flowers to the desert.  They brought inchoate dreams to fruition.  They lay down foundations we can see, touch, feel and dream today. They used tools including hoes, rakes, sand and water, mosaic tiles, seeds and cuttings, military expertise and devotion, the love of Israel as they forsaw it. Modern Israel has more tools: high tech computers, medicine, and water conservation treatment.  We build on one another's efforts, work, dreams and visions. What will future generations uncover and see?

Were we "feeling it" at Tel Aviv Airport? Were the layers opening up?  What did I expect? The shepherd watching his flock at night? Someone walking over the waves?  No electric power lines?

What did we get?  The glories of the ancient world.  The sand and the sea, the rush of the waves -as did our ancestors. We get the glory of creation where it all began, the virtual blood, sweat and tears of those who made modern airports and traffic noise possible - maybe even blessings.  We are friends gathering at Kibbutz Ha Goshrim, under a stone arch, having a service to say Kaddish for dear ones, feeling it in an indescribable way.  The prayerful, "Oh my God!!" moments found in inspirations and sights. Holiness is found in our people's own land, our future, our blessings and feeling the presence of the Divine in each moment.

Shalom Aleichem from Jerusalem!  -Victoria Robinison