Beth Chaim Reform Congregation is proud of its very active and vibrant religious school . Religious school is a home away from home for our children. 

"Being an active member of the Jewish community enables us to feel that we are part of something larger and to celebrate our rich heritage. I want all of our students to be proud of who they are as young Jews and to be engaged with Judaism through enjoyable learning and exciting discovery."  
Narda Oz,  School Director

School Mission: 

 The educational program offers students an enriching learning environment where they can participate in a living Jewish tradition. The curriculum stresses the understanding and the celebration of Judaism as an evolving religion and culture. Our program seeks to foster moral and ethical judgment, pride in Judaism, competency in Jewish practice, basic Hebrew literacy, and a love of Israel.

Programming and Curriculum Designed to foster Inclusiveness and belonging

  • Grades K –7 classes on Sunday mornings from 10 to 12:30 at Great Valley High School

    • an, Kita Aleph, Kita Bet, Kita Gimel, Kita Dalet, Kita Hey, Kita Vuv, Kita Zion (Kindergarden, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grade)

    • Focused learning of Hebrew and Judaica mixed with time to socialize and participate in activities

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class Grades 6 –7 on designated Tuesday evenings at Beth Chaim

  • Individual private tutor for Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons

  • Post Bar/Bat Mitzvah Classes Grades 8-11 on Sunday mornings leading to Confirmation

  • Holiday Celebrations:

    • Sukkah Building

    • Chanukah Party

    • Tu B’Shevat Seder

    • Purim Carnival

    • Passover Chocolate Seder

  • Family Education Program - A unique and fun opportunity for parents of each grade to participate in a special program within their child’s classroom.

  • Hebrew Enrichment Class on Sundays after religious school from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. at the synagogue. This class is designed for students from Kita Gimel (3rd Grade) and up who need extra help in learning to read Hebrew, and for new students who joined our religious school after 3rd Grade without any previous background in Hebrew studies. 

Religious School Choogim (Clubs/Activities) Offered During Class time:

Drama: Students will create and perform skits that demonstrate Jewish values and episodes from Jewish history.

Singing:  Students will learn classic and contemporary Hebrew songs.

Art & Crafts Students will create arts and craft projects related to Jewish holidays and inspired by key Jewish artists.

Jewish Trivia Board Games Students will enjoy fun and challenging riddles and “Jewpardy” questions about Jewish traditions, history, sports, music, pop culture, and more.

Hebrew Through Games – This choog will enhance our students’ Hebrew skills through fun, exciting, and highly interactive games.

Rak Banot: This is a special group for our female students only in Kita Hey through Kita Zayin (Grades 5-7). The girls who choose this choog will meet with a female teacher to discuss various topics such as body image, friendships, peer pressure, social media, and other subjects which they may not feel comfortable discussing in a co-ed environment. This group is meant to be a “safe space” for the girls and can be a powerful tool in helping them to develop greater self-esteem and more meaningful friendships with each other.

Ethics – Students will read stories with key moral narratives and discuss and debate whether the behavior exhibited in the stories was appropriate or not. They will have to defend their position and delve deeply into Jewish values and ethics.