Beth Chaim Reform Congregation is a vibrant, warm and inclusive Jewish community where everyone has a place in our congregation regardless of Jewish practice or knowledge or financial circumstances.  We value Jewish worship and education, and work to make our Synagogue a safe space to learn, explore and build relationships.  

The use of Social Media is an opportunity to increase awareness of our congregation, our values and share information about the services provided by Beth Chaim Reform Congregation. Social Media should be used as a tool to increase congregational engagement, membership, and to communicate with members and potential members and increase positive exposure for the congregation in the wider community.

Beth Chaim Reform Congregation is committed to supporting open, honest and knowledgeable discussion on the internet via social media and we need to take some precautions for the sake of our congregation. 

  1. Post only what you would be comfortable discussing in public 
  2. Use common sense when posting.  Be appropriate and polite.  Use of offensive or abusive language will not be tolerated 
  3. Any social media platform hosted by BCRC is not for self-promotion of personal or professional events or services.
  4. Participants will refrain from political posts advocating his or her personal opinions.
  5. Participants should refrain from posting on any Beth Chaim Reform Congregation hosted social media site on Shabbat or Holiday. 

A group of administrators moderates all social media platforms hosted by BCRC, and it is at the discretion of these administrators to remove posts deemed in violation of the BCRC Social Media Policy.  Administrators also have the discretion to block any users who repeatedly violate the BCRC Social Media Policy as necessary.