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Dear Friends:


The name of our Congregation grows more fitting with each passing year:  Beth Chaim – not just a house of life, but a home for a lifetime, and a lively house of worship, meeting and study.  Our beautiful synagogue home has made much of this growth possible, as we have been able to welcome new members who have added to our community with their talents and passion.

It is with great pride that we will celebrate our 10th year in our building – a milestone that also marks a need for increased diligence in upkeep.  Indeed, the more than 400 services, meetings, activities and programs planned for this year will mean not only joy and learning, but also wear and tear.

How many cars have driven in and out of our parking lot?  How many footsteps have treaded our carpet?  How many times has the kitchen door swung open into the social hall?  How many times have the social hall chairs been stacked and unstacked?  I hope that pondering the answers to these questions makes you smile at the thought of the busy community we are and the ways in which being part of Beth Chaim has enriched your life.  


This High Holiday season, and through the end of the calendar year, we are asking you to honor this home that has served us so well by contributing to our Temple Love and Care Campaign – to give our building some TLC!  


Traditionally, our silent appeal and funds contributed by our High Holiday guests total approximately $18,000.  With the ambitious plans that have emerged from our Vision 2022 initiative, we know that the demands on our building will only increase.  That is why the Board has set a $36,000 goal for this special funding initiative – to be raised between the High Holidays and December 31, 2016.  At this level, we will be able to address both known and unanticipated expenses related to our building, to ensure that we can continue to host all of our synagogue activities in comfort and safety.


Please look for the envelope in your High Holiday prayerbook, and a letter that will arrive in the mail asking for your support.  We will keep the congregation updated on our TLC progress, and hopefully be counting down to our ambitious goal as we kindle our Hanukkah candles. With your generosity, we can provide the TLC that our Beth Chaim building needs as we head into our second decade.




Ed Nathan                                               Jeffrey M. Gribben
Temple President                                  Chair Development Committee