A Campaign for Our Future

Campaign Progress:

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For over 25 years, Beth Chaim has sustained and enriched Jewish life in Chester County, as the region’s only Reform congregation. More than half our members are from interfaith families. Congregants of all “ages and stages” come together in over 400 services and programs each year. As a community, we ensure that Judaism will endure, from generation to generation: nearly 100 Beth Chaim teens have become b’nei mitzvah in the past three years alone, and our Confirmation Academy is growing.

If we want to make our young congregation a “Home for a Lifetime” we must plan for our future. The From Generation to Generation Capital Campaign will provide the financial security to help Beth Chaim continue offering the experiences and programs that have made our congregation a unique center of Jewish life in Chester County and beyond.


Why A Campaign?

A recurring theme from our congregational visioning sessions is the desire to create a strong community and sturdy building. Dues, religious school tuition, building fund and donations do not cover our annual expenses for religious programs, education, administration, mortgage and building maintenance. We have carefully managed our expenses. Consistent with our core values, we have kept dues accessible, and we turn away no one because of their inability to pay. That has meant, however, we have no surpluses to fund a safety net. No cushion in the event of the inevitable unexpected expenses. Indeed, we have had to rely on our biannual gala and occasional special assessments just to balance the budget. This is not sustainable.

The Beth Chaim From Generation to Generation Capital Campaign is designed to solve this problem. Our goal is to raise $800,000, split into two accounts: an operating reserve and an endowment.

  • The Operating Reserve - a $200,000 “rainy day fund” - will be used to cover large or unexpected expenses, that our annual budget cannot absorb. This is especially important now that our building is over 10 years old. We need to be ready, for example, if the roof starts to leak.

  • The $600,000 Endowment - Investment interest will create a stream of income to support our two greatest assets: our children and our community. We have a grand vision for our congregation. Fostering our religious school, developing more teen engagement, expanding our connections within our congregation and to the greater community; and investing in the people who help our congregation thrive. But to reach for our dreams, we need a stable financial foundation beneath our feet.

How Can You Help?

Beth Chaim is at a critical juncture. With dynamic leadership, bold vision, and a dedicated community, we are poised to make an even greater contribution to the Jewish continuity. This is the moment when we need to make investments in our future in order to live up to our potential.

Your gift, whether it’s $250 or $250,000, will help us meet our goal. Gifts can be cash, securities, bequests, disbursements from Donor Advised Funds, IRA Minimum Required distribution, etc. Gifts are tax-deductible. Naming and recognition opportunities are available, and gifts can be paid over three to five years.

Please help us connect Generation to Generation at Beth Chaim.

Email ldorvador@bethchaim.net for more information.

How Are We Doing?

As of October 2019, we are pleased to announce that $375,000 has been committed to the From Generation to Generation Campaign!