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Jewish Tradition




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"Beth Chaim is a warm and accepting community that sees diversity as a strength. I can’t think of a more important quality to possess as we prepare for the challenges of the twenty-first century."



Beth Chaim prides itself in not only providing a place for worship and a connection to tradition, it also has a strong sense of responsibility to the surrounding community and social justice.  Join our congregation and help us reach beyond our Temple walls. 


Religious School

Beth Chaim is the first Reform Congregation in Chester County.  We now have over 200 families enrolled in teaching  children the joys and beauty of Judaism. The school is committed to helping our children build a second home, their jewish identity and ownership of the values of this community.  

Participating Interfaith Month Shabbat Organization


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Social Action 

 Peanut Butter and Jelly for the West Chester Food Bank.  Collection ends June 2nd

Mitzvah Project Request from Maddy Denker: Many schools in Philadelphia are underfunded by the government. The children that go to under funded center city schools often come from poor families. These children WANT the same things that you and I take for granted, and they often do not have access. These underfunded schools cannot afford to have a spring fair. For many of us in better schools the spring fair is a day where you and your friends get to hang out and play games together. Imagine not getting to do this!!!!! So for my Bat Mitzvah project I am helping to put on a Spring Fair for 2 center city schools, Edward Gideon and Richard Wright. I am organizing games and collecting prizes. The prizes will be things that the kids can really use. For example in the spring and summer many of us wear sunglasses and flip-flops, lower income kids may not get them or they get them they may be already used (when the items were used before the kids feel as if the items are not theirs). I need YOUR help to make this possible.

Please help me get to my goal of 1500 sunglasses and flip-flops by June 13th!!!!!!! You can pick up glasses or flip flops at 5 below or other stores donate at the temple where there will be a box until June 12. Also you can donate for these prizes at my bake sale during this Sunday's picnic. If you would like to volunteer with me at the fairs contact Bonnie Koss  at .

Flip Flops and Sunglasses until June 13th Peanut butter and Jelly for the West Chester Food Band until June 3rd Items for Infants Women's career clothing

Flip Flops and Sunglasses until June 13th

Peanut butter and Jelly for the West Chester Food Band until June 3rd

Items for Infants

Women's career clothing


 Chester County

Currently Making Mentor Matches.  Help a local student from a disadvantaged background get to college. Be a mentor!

This is a one-on-one activity; training provided by the organization.  To learn more, please contact Steve Brown at Chester County Futures (610-458-9926); or learn more from congregation member and mentor, Samantha Jouin (610-889-9545)

Wings For Success-

Bring in clothes suitable for work and help women advance in their careers.  Donations ongoing throughout the year

Chester County Maternal and Child Health Consortium

This organization provides many services to needy families in Chester County.

You can help by donating new infant items, such as onesies, diapers, lotions,

as well as items for new mothers.

Contributions can be brought to Sisterhood events.

For additional information, contact

Opportunities for Youth Involvement

West Chester BBYO


Walking the Walk!wtw-youth-initiative/c3i

Nifty Mitzvah Corp

BCRC Confirmation Class