Social Action Update

Beth Chaim is officially in the company of over 100 Reform Congregations in signing the Brit Olam

 Click Image for link to RAC's website and more information on the Brit Olam

Click Image for link to RAC's website and more information on the Brit Olam

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"For A World of Compassion, Justice and Wholeness: We are calling this a Brit Olam - a Covenant with our World - because we seek the world we want, not the world as it is." 

BCRC has taken a stand and a promise to:

  • Act in solidarity with vulnerable communities
  • Build relationships across lines of difference in our local community
  • Act at the local, state, and federal levels to address the root causes of injustice through advocacy and community organizing
  • Foster a culture of sacred and civil dialogue in our congregation where all opinions are heard


Jewish Tradition





"Beth Chaim is a warm and accepting community that sees diversity as a strength. I can’t think of a more important quality to possess as we prepare for the challenges of the twenty-first century."



Beth Chaim prides itself in not only providing a place for worship and a connection to tradition, it also has a strong sense of responsibility to the surrounding community and social justice.  Join our congregation and help us reach beyond our Temple walls. 


Religious School

Beth Chaim is the first Reform Congregation in Chester County.  We now have over 200 families enrolled in teaching  children the joys and beauty of Judaism. The school is committed to helping our children build a second home, their jewish identity and ownership of the values of this community.  

Participating Interfaith Month Shabbat Organization


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